Warranty & Care Instructions

DeGrey & Mason create stunning jewellery designs in precious metal and a stunning selection of genuine gemstones. Every piece of DeGrey & Mason jewellery is guaranteed for 12 months (under normal conditions of wear and tear) but with loving care will last you a lifetime and beyond. Please follow these simple instructions to keep your DeGrey & Mason jewellery looking fabulous, now and forever.
Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. We recommend that you remove your jewellery when you bathe or shower and especially for swimming in chlorinated or sea water. Please avoid spraying perfume or applying creams close to your jewellery and always remove jewellery before using household cleaners, polish or bleach.
To protect your jewellery please store your pieces individually in their linen pouches or within a soft lined box to prevent them from becoming scratched or tangled. To further prevent tarnishing, store your jewellery in a dark, cool and dry environment. Regular wearing of your silver jewellery pieces is recommended to further prevent tarnishing.
To clean your jewellery, use a soft, lint free cloth, regular light polishing will help to keep your pieces looking bright and lustrous. For silver pieces without gold overlaying a silver cleaner or impregnated cloth may also be used if your piece has become heavily tarnished. There are many specialist jewellery cleaning kits available for use with gem set jewellery, please check their suitability for the gemstones set within your piece before using. The use of ultrasonic cleaners is not recommended for any DeGrey & Mason jewellery.
Please do not clean your jewellery with tissue paper, paper towels, or soiled cloths, these can cause scratching to your metalwork and gemstones.
At DeGrey & Mason we only ever set natural gemstones which need to be treated with care to keep them looking beautiful for a lifetime. Try to always handle your jewellery by the metalwork rather than the gemstone, fingerprints and oils from your hand or lotions can make the gemstone look dull as they will change the angles in which light travels through your gemstone meaning it will not sparkle as it should. Please adhere to the advice given above and try to avoid situations where your jewellery can be subject to vibration, extremes of temperature or any kind of impact. Under no circumstances should any jewellery be adjusted by anybody other than a professional jewellery, if you have any questions on how to look after your jewellery please email customercare@degreyandmason.com, we will be happy to help you.