Lapidary & Signature Cuts

Lapidary [lap-i-der-ee] The art of cutting, polishing and engraving precious stones.
One of the oldest art forms known to man, lapidary is the process of cutting and polishing gemstones to bring out the true potential and beauty of Mother Nature’s finest creations. From the dawn of time mankind has been fascinated with gemstones and we can trace their use as objects of desire back to our earliest civilisations. That unique relationship and our fascination for gems has not diminished across the centuries and even now when we look deep into the heart of a beautifully cut genuine gemstone we are connected physically and emotionally with the Earth and our ancestors.
The art of cutting stones has been in constant flux throughout history but is now reaching its zenith with some of the most outstanding and complex cuts ever imagined being designed and produced by some of the finest artisans in the world. At DeGrey & Mason we are at the forefront of this exciting evolution and are striving to bring you some of the most beautiful, complex and technically accomplished gemstone cuts that are available today.
Every piece of DeGrey & Mason jewellery is set with one of our stunning hand cut signature gemstones which has passed through the hands of our expert cutting team.
Signature DecoCut Gemstones
Enhanced and perfected for coloured gemstones our DecoCut gems are a modern reinterpretation of the World famous Asscher cut for diamonds. Created to maximise the colour saturation and light play within every stone our DecoCut gemstones are unashamedly opulent and demand to be noticed.
Signature StarCut Gemstones:
The DeGrey & Mason StarCut gemstone is a stunning marriage of modern and traditional techniques that produce a truly unique and instantly recognisable icon of gemstone design. Look deep inside a StarCut gemstone and you will see a perfect hidden 5 pointed star.
All of our gemstones are cut entirely by hand so we can unlock the beauty and personality of every single gemstone we set into our jewellery.