Ring Size Guide

Shopping for rings online can sometime feel a bit daunting when I comes to what size to buy. Whether you are shopping for yourself or as gift the DeGrey & Mason team can share a few hints and tips to make sure you can purchase the perfect size.
We have worked for some of the largest International jewellery retailers and have years of experience in what can be an overly complicated field. We use standard American sizes for our jewellery because we know that it provides the most forgiving and comfortable fit across all types of finger size. In Europe, North America, and Australia the most common ring size for ladies is a size 7. If you know your size please use the table below to convert across into the US / Canada column, if not here are 2 easy methods to measure your ring size.
Method A
This quick and easy method is the most accurate way to remotely measure your ring size.
  1. Use a piece of non-stretchy string or paper about 100mm (10cm) long
  2. Wrap it around the base of your finger for a snug fit (not too tight)
  3. Mark to point on the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle
  4. Measure the string or paper with a ruler from the edge to the mark in mm and compare the reading with the far right column (Inside Cir. mm)
  5. Read across to the far left column (US/CANADA) to find your ring size.
(If your measurement is between sizes, please order the larger size)
Tips for a more accurate measurement:
  1. Measure your fingers in the evening when your fingers are at their largest
  2. If in doubt always order a size larger
  3. If you have very prominent knuckles do a second measurement around the knuckle and choose the ring size in between your 2 readings
  4. Please do not take measurements when your hands are cold
  5. Please do not take measurements the day after alcohol consumption
  6. Take the measurement 3 or 4 times and use the average reading
Method B     
This method is a good way to get an approximate size if you are being secretive or shopping for a gift.
  1. Take a ring that fits the same finger that you wish to purchase for and place it on white sheet of paper with a good light source above
  2. Measure the internal diameter horizontally, across the widest part of the ring
  3. Compare the measurement with the second column from the right (Inside Dia. mm) on the table below.
  4. Read across to the far left column (US/CANADA) to find your ring size.

(If your measurement is between sizes, please order the larger size)

Please shop with complete confidence as we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee on any purchase and can usually resize rings within a few days if ordered incorrectly. We will also include a free ring sizer with every first purchase to make things easier and more accurate for you in the future. (Please keep the ring sizer in a safe place as it is the only piece on non-recyclable material we include with our packaging and will only allocate one to each customer account.)