Precious Metal & Vermeil Standard

DeGrey & Mason jewellery is created by traditional craftsmanship skills, only ever using ethically sourced precious metals and Earth born gemstones.
Our jewellery is forged from solid 925 sterling silver and every piece of jewellery, regardless of metal weight carries a full set of British hallmarks and our unique sponsors mark as a guarantee of quality.
At the final stage of creation all of our sterling silver jewellery is plated with a thick layer of Rhodium (a rare member of the platinum family) to enhance the surface lustre and improve durability.
Our 18K gold and rose gold vermeil designs are made from the same 925 sterling silver as the standard collection but are drenched with a sumptuous amount of 18K gold. This dedication to luxury far exceeds the normal jewellery plating process and will last for a lifetime with careful ownership.
We are happy to make any of our designs to order in solid gold or platinum if you require. Please contact us for more details and quote.