Natural Gemstones

There is something profound about genuine gemstones. Their creation is miraculous and relies of the right combination of elements, heat and pressure to be present at one perfect moment in time. They are then nurtured deep within our beautiful planet for millennia until such a time that we are lucky enough to discover them, bringing them into the light to be cut, polished, and set into beautiful jewellery.
Mankind has been enthralled by their precious nature from our earliest civilisations, the weight of history, legends and lore that exists about natural gemstones is testament to our unending obsession to understand, enjoy and revere these alluring gifts from Mother Nature.
Compare this beautiful, romantic journey with the process of creating a synthetic stone that is made in a machine in a few seconds at the push of a button.
We make jewellery for those discerning customers who truly value the difference between natural and created stones and want to own something extraordinary, that has been created by rare circumstances and brought to life by a craftsperson using centuries of acquired knowledge.
At DeGrey & Mason we take transferring of ownership of nature’s treasures to you very seriously and provide the luxury experience that these precious gifts from Mother Nature demand.
Our Gemstones
Swiss Blue Topaz
The ultimate definition of an electric blue gem, Swiss Blue Topaz is very highly prized by collectors for its ability to display a dazzling spectrum of stunning blue hues within each gemstone. The quality of material cut by DeGrey & Mason is referred to in the industry as “Top Swiss” or “Super Blue” Topaz and represents the very pinnacle of quality for intense blue topaz which is alive with brilliance and pleochroic colour play.
Sky Blue Topaz
The perfect combination of soft heavenly and pastel blues accentuated with gentle silver hued brilliance, there is little wonder why this colour of topaz has been set by some of the World’s greatest jewellers. DeGrey & Mason Sky Blue Topaz is carefully selected to meet our exacting standards and to ensure every gemstone we cut delivers on the luxurious pedigree associated with this beautiful gem.
Majestic Topaz
Majestic is the fitting DeGrey & Mason prefix for our pure and striking high grade variety of exquisite natural Topaz. Carefully selected to be flawless to the eye and facetted by our expert lapiderists to display intense internal brilliance Majestic Topaz makes a stunning natural alternative to Diamonds and is believed to enhance beauty and intelligence in the wearer.
Imperial Amethyst
Imperial Amethyst is the ultimate expression of this regal gemstone and the most highly prized by collectors. Deep royal purple is nuanced with blue hues and hot pink flashes that dance within the gemstone. Known as “Siberian Colour” within the gemstone industry, DeGrey & Mason source this incredible gem from some of the World’s finest mines and are delighted to be able to offer you the zenith of Amethyst quality set within our beautiful designs.
Green Amethyst
Sometimes referred to a “Prasiolite” or “Vermarine”, Green Amethyst is a remarkable and rarely seen gemstone that displays a unique and calming oceanic green colour which is unmistakable to the gemstone connoisseur. Believed to bring luck and good fortune to the wearer DeGrey & Mason are proud to be able to source a reliable, high quality supply of this enigmatic gemstone to set into our jewellery collections.
Rose De France Amethyst
DeGrey & Mason Rose De France Amethyst is the ultimate feminine expression of this glorious and highly revered gemstone. Marrying candy pink and purple tones in a gentle and ethereal combination, this gemstone is believed to promote tranquillity and radiate positive energy. Only cut from hand selected rough material our Rose De France Amethyst is a graceful and elegant addition to any jewellery collection.
Lemon Citrine
Lemon Citrine is the most vibrant variety of this beautiful and ever popular gemstone. Commonly referred to as “the gem of Happiness” Citrine has a long and illustrious history, the ancients revered the gem as a gift from the sun and believed it would make the wearer happy and contented. DeGrey & Mason Lemon Citrine is alive with liquid light and dancing bright canary hues which make it one of the most attractive and exciting gemstones to wear.
Natural Zircon
Never to be confused with cubic zirconia or other man made gemstone substitutes, Zircon is the oldest gemstone to be found on planet Earth with some examples being formed an incredible 4.27 billion years ago. DeGrey & Mason only use Natural White Zircons as accenting stones in our jewellery as we are committed to only ever using genuine gemstones in our collections. In the hands of our skilled lapiderists Zircon can rival and exceed the fire and brilliance of Diamonds which makes it a perfect partner for our high quality signature cut genuine gemstones.
As we only use natural stones the actual colour of the gemstones you receive may differ from the example colour shown on the website. You can however, rest assured that your gemstone will be of the finest quality and express its own personality to set it apart from all other stones.