Responsible Luxury

DeGrey & Mason are committed to creating our jewellery with minimal environmental and social impact. We source gemstones from around the World and have an international team of craftspeople, at every stage we ensure that the highest welfare and environmental standards are met. We actively support the communities we operate in and a percentage of the manufacturing cost of your jewellery in reinvested into the welfare of our partners.
All DeGrey & Mason packaging materials are free of plastic and can 100% be recycled should you ever wish to dispose of it. The booklet that we include with every order is printed entirely with vegetable based dyes and uses a natural adhesive rather than staples.
We do include a free ring sizer with every first purchase to make things easier and more accurate for you to measure your hands for future purchases. Please keep the ring sizer in a safe place as it is the only piece on non-recyclable material we include with our packaging and will only allocate one to each customer account.
We believe that creating and owning the most beautiful jewellery in the world should not cost the Earth.